[Geysers] 2005 Geyser Data

Ralph Taylor ralpht at iglou.com
Tue Apr 12 21:06:49 PDT 2005

Scott - 
I did not send the Little Cub chart but will do so off list (since it is a
graphic attachment of considerable size).
Little Cub's long interval episodes were from about 9 December to about 26
December January 11-16, Jan 31-Feb 5, Feb 9-11, and Feb 13-16 (all quick
estimates from a chart).
I have not had time to cross-check the activity of various geysers, so I
can't shed much light on the subject.  I have Grand Jury duty this week so
no time to look deeper into this.  Also, I just got another six weeks of
data from Hank Heasler and will be busy on that.  We now have a replacement
logger on Old Faithful but the critters got the logger from Beehive so no
data there since 28 February.
Ralph Taylor

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Ralph -- Did you send me your chart showing Little Cub? I seem to recall
one, but all I can locate now is the one of Depression. So the question on
that -- just when were those _long_ intervals (like up to 44 hours)?
Anyhow, to all... Do you notice that maybe Little Cub, but definitely the
long-interval episodes of Beehive and Daisy plus (apparently) the most
erratic period by Artemisia were all during the same few days in January?
And so another open question -- one cannot tell from the summary data, but
were there any other standout "events" about that some time?

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