[Geysers] GeyserLog v1.6 for iOS

Carlton Cross cross at bmi.net
Wed Apr 26 10:19:10 PDT 2017

Relay from H Koenig

I have a new version of my iOS GeyserLog application available for 
testing. Now with the ability to upload eruption events!

There are two primary ways to submit events--- on the main view and in 
the Stopwatch view. In both cases, the app will remember the last few 
geysers for which you have submitted events, giving you a list to pick 
from. The duration will be calculated automatically from the stopwatch 
stop time.

I've also added a mode which allows recording video or still photographs 
from the app. There's an overlay which shows the stopwatch, so you can 
capture the start time directly from the screen. (A future enhancement 
of recording a time stamp will require some research into how to do this.)

You can also edit and update events you submit, so those of you who have 
to submit an eruption FIRST! can go back in and add comments or the 
duration once its over.

If all goes well, I intend to submit this to the App store for 
distribution. Or at least the the latest build with bug fixes. Note that 
it won't be free, but contact me and I will send you a "promo code" to 
cover the cost of a down load.

Why charge? Why not? It will help filter out people who aren't really 
interested in geyser info, but just want to download "stuff". Also, some 
of the features I am thinking of adding (like weather forecasts) charge 
for their services.  This app is intended more for gazers and those who 
know about geysers and want specifics. For more casual visitors, I've 
got some ideas on what that sort of app should have (things like maps 
and "augmented reality", for example.)

* * * * * *
Here are some instructions if you want to try this out. ---

To test adding events--- Go to the Settings app, and select the 
"GeyserLog" row, in the last section.

There you will find three switches. Set "Use sandbox server" and "Enable 
event submission" both to On. (If you don't see these switches after 
installing the app, quit Settings and try again. This appears to be a 
problem with Setting not updating properly after an install.)

The background of the clock bar at the top will be purple as a reminder 
that it's not the live database being used.

First you will need to login. Go to the "Account Info" under the 
"Settings" view and enter your GeyserTimes username and password. (You 
can ignore the other fields). One server related bug is that it seems 
you need to do "Login" twice before actually getting logged in. The 
"Login" button changes to "Log Out" when successful.

You will now be able to add events to the test sandbox. Data in the 
sandbox server is not updated from the main site. Events added there 
will not appear on the main site, but you can confirm your test 
submission by going to "sandbox.geysertimes.org". Practice here and look 
for any problems. Please let me know immediately if you find any so I 
can fix them.

hkoenig at sputs.com

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