[Geysers] How Many Eruptions in Mugwump Series

Daniel Schaffer dans44 at msn.com
Sun Sep 4 16:06:40 PDT 2016

Imagine my surprise on May 31st this year while sitting at the roadway pull-out next to Three Sisters when Mugwump erupted at exactly Noon! 
This was the first activity recorded in GT for 2016, with only one recorded sighting in 2015. Also, my first time for this geyser.
BTW, This pull-out is one of the best locations in UGB to get a strong AT&T signal - I was entering eruption times into GT from the LGB that morning when Mugwump popped.
For the several hours I had Mugwump under observation on 5/31, the pattern seemed to be a single, followed by a double, then a single, double, and so on. The notable exception was at 1333, when triple occurred instead of a double. The third burst (at 1335) was very small, compared to other bursts - only about 1.5 ft. high versus a normal range on that day of est. 5 - 10 ft. for all other eruptions of Mugwump.
The lower eruption heights, around 5 ft. corresponded with wider circumference, more fountain like burst; while the taller bursts were more of a single, thinner column of water.
That afternoon (last day at the park) with Mugwump was the highlight of this spring's trip to Yellowstone; looking forward to checking up on it upon returning in October.
Always something new to see at Geyserland!
Dan Schaffer
From: jeff.cross at utah.edu
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Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2016 06:22:21 +0000
Subject: [Geysers] How Many Eruptions in Mugwump Series

I am fascinated by one thing regarding Mugwump.

Each time I saw it erupt, a second eruption followed within a minute.

Has anyone seen a single eruption?

What about a triple eruption?

Or, are they all doubles?

Jeff Cross
jeff.cross at utah.edu

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