[Geysers] Three Listserve questions

M.A. Bellingham mabellingham at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 08:41:18 PDT 2016

Re-send from Sept 29.  MA

On 9/29/16, M.A. Bellingham <mabellingham at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings Gazers -
> The amazing, complex, and historic Vixen cycles continue - we can
> discuss differences between "cyclic" and/or whether it is a "series"
> after the roads close!  For now, since I have been telling visitors
> all summer that this is the "first known cyclic behavior since 1984" I
> have endeavored to dig back into the historic record.  I'll get into
> Norris logbooks (I believe those start in 1964) in the YNP archives
> this winter.
> Listserve Question 1 - I recall the listserve's origin as during the
> mid-90's. The online archives seem to only start at 2004.  Is there
> another location to find those online?
> Lee Whittlesey printed past list reports for the YNP archives, perhaps
> I can find them there.
> Lee, are you still printing current list serve posts to have hard copy
> available at the HRC?  This question came up the other day in a
> conversation and I said I would ask.
> Listserve question 2  -  I find there are some missing posts, for
> example, when I will read "as already reported by Gazer X", but I
> can't find the thread/post from Gazer X.  What happened there, and
> where are they?
> List question 3 - "attachment scrubbed" will appear when clicking on
> some posts.  I am not a techy by any means, can anyone tell me what
> happened there in a "listserve for dummies" language?
> The above two scenarios may be findable in the hard copy reports at the
> HRC.
> I have been enjoying re-living geyser events over the past 10 or so
> years by reading the reports, narratives and discussions.
> Go Vixen!
> MA
> PS  I am almost done entering the data from Rocco's 1984 Norris Annual
> Report on the Vixen patterns from that summer if you'd like to take a
> look.  The differences in duration, heights, eruptions that produce
> runoff, and "majors" from then to now are quite striking.
> MA Bellingham
> mabellingham at gmail.com

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