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I'm sending this out to the listserv to see if anyone out there  remembers 
seeing the little hole on the north side of Beehive's cone erupting  *with* 
Beehive. The hole looks like a little slot and is about halfway up the  side 
of the cone (*not* one of the bubblers around the cone). I have seen it  
steaming prior to Beehive a few times this year, and several other gazers  
reported seeing steam also. I saw it erupting about 2 minutes into the Beehive  
eruption on May 25 at 2126, and again on May 29 at 1111. The eruption 
consists  of little spurts that are angled down, but the water is clearly visible 
for a  duration of about a minute.  

I asked around and so far haven't found anyone who remembers seeing it  
actually erupt before. Anyone?

--Tara Cross
fanandmortar at hotmail.com


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