[Geysers] Geyser Report Saturday, May 28, 2016

Barbara Lasseter barbara.lasseter at gmail.com
Sat May 28 19:12:33 PDT 2016

Geyser Report Saturday, May 28, 2016

The park is opening up!  Firehole Lake and Fountain Flat are open.  No
hiking signs in bear management areas Fountain Flat and south are mostly
gone.  Fishing is underway, probably not very successfully.  The no
stopping along the roadway is being ignored.  Heck, the no stopping ON the
road is being ignored.   A hoard of people were parked in and around the
pullout S of steel bridge this afternoon and were clearly visible hiking
the closed route behind Grand Prismatic.

On the plus side, in addition to the many visitors for the holiday weekend,
lots of gazers have arrived with lots of joyous meeting and greeting.

Most of my gazing time was spent waiting at Grand for it's over 9-1/2hr
interval.  Beehive also has been erratic.  As I read Geyser Times, the last
2 eruptions were "no inidcator", and intervals have been surprising

Beehive:  0112ns GT, 1805 GT (yesterday 0444 GT, 1415 GT)
Grand: 0234 GT, 1210, 1925 GT (all 1 burst); yesterday 0455 wc GT, 1151 G2C
Lion: 0352 ie wc GT, 1036 frs, 1152 frs, 1309 frs
Aurum: 0518 wc GT
Castle: 0421 major wc GT, 1838 ns GT
Oblong: 0129 ie T, 0637 GT, 1139
Daisy: 0453 ie wc GT, 0817 frs, 1139, 1617 wc GT, 1914 wc GT
Riverside: 0635 GT, 1315 ie wc GT
Fountain: 0828 frs, 1352 GT
Great Fountain: 0931 GT
Pink Cone: 1432 GT

I enjoyed listening to Tara Cross playing at the Inn for a while before
heading home.  Inbound traffic was a series of long backups anywhere bison
were near the road  Outbound had just 1 backup at Madison Jct,

Barbara Lasseter
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