[Geysers] new thing near Plume, and Ballcap query

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Tue Mar 8 15:17:19 PST 2016

I will positively state that, no matter what may have transpired since,  
"Ballcap" originally received its name because of a green baseball-type cap 
that  was down in the crater.
Scott Bryan
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As to  Ballcap, it's really interesting to track information and name
changes, see  Rocco's detailed work on Norris names on nearly any given
feature!   What *I* was told about the current "Ballcap" is that the
water domes up in  the shape of a half head, or ballcap.  I do not
recall who told that  to me, but it's interesting given the physical
and nomenclature evolution  of any feature, be it information  or
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