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Thanks, Ben. Definitely looks different... and I suppose we shouldn't be  
too surprised. Looking forward to further info.
Scott Bryan
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A couple of my co-workers at Grant Village were out on the lake on  Friday, 
July 22. They told me they saw a "cliff geyser" erupting. I asked if  they 
had photos, and they shared with me photos of Overhanging Geyser,  however, 
the main overhang is no more. The photographs they have are attached.  They 
observed Overhanging for over 10 minutes, and it was erupting water 2-3  
feet in height both vertically and horizontally for the entire time they  

I kayaked out past Overhanging last September, and the entire feature was  
in tact, but I did notice bacteria growing on the underside of the feature  
where there was also dripping water. Once I can get a hold of a kayak, I 
will  kayak out to observe it. I'll also see if I can track down a closer range 
of  dates for when this may have collapsed.

At West Thumb, nothing else has really changed all that much. We have  some 
water in Twin Geysers this year, however it is still well below overflow.  
Much of the central boardwalk area has low waterlevels. Lakeshore Geyser  
should be completely exposed from the lake within the next week or two. On  
calm mornings, the pressure pool is not influenced at all by the  lake.

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