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I did not receive the email from EK Esawi.  If you will send me the dataset, I'll review it and make comments about it.  
Lynn Stephens
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    I couldn't find your article on ESI, but did find one on GSA - is
    this the one? 



    Janet White



    On 1/3/2016 7:26 PM, EK Esawi wrote:

        Hello All—
        My name is EK
          Esawi. I published two papers about the
          Yellowstone N. Park; one, with a colleague of mine, was
          published in 2013 and freely
          accessible from Geotimes. The 2nd one,
          which is the subject of this
          email, is where I basically took the data on the GOSA site
          from 1970-2011 and I
          cleaned, reorganized, and standardized it. The purpose of the
          cleaning and
          standardization was to make the data usable for computation.
          The paper is just published
          in the journal of Earth Science Informatics. 

        My request,
          since you’re all familiar with the original
          data, is basically a feedback on what you think of the new
          dataset, any
          suggestion for improving it, and a proper internet site for
          posting it provided
          it will be accessible to the public. Please find attached the
          introduction, and two tables; table1 shoes a snapshot of the
          original data and
          table 2 shows the same for the cleaned data. I will be happy
          to send the whole paper
          and the new dataset to anyone interested in reading it.
          in advance—EK Esawi


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