[Geysers] new thing near Plume, and Ballcap query

Janet White janet at snowmoon.us
Sat Feb 27 05:49:31 PST 2016

I've written a couple of blog posts on the new opening near Sponge and 
the new one near Plume:


And I've added the ones behind Plume on that page on Geyser Watch (which 
need new ones added):

The page for Sponge still needs updating to the new format.

Hope that helps. :)

Janet White
janet at geyserwatch.com (new email addy I'm shifting things over to)

On 2/26/2016 7:45 AM, M.A. Bellingham wrote:
> Greetings Gazers -
> I have questions about the New Thing Near Plume, which from webcam
> sightings and GT notes seems to be more active this winter.  When did
> it first appear, and how?  Will Boekel reported that the sinter
> surrounding it is pulsing up and down, so more changes may be in the
> works.
> Also in that area, I gather from a FB conversation (but I could be
> wrong) that the most recent "Ballcap" Geyser is not the original, is
> that true?  If so, when did the energy (and the name) shift to today's
> location?
> I do read GeyserTimes every day, whether roads are open or not, and
> there are clues in there, but trying to find information under "Other
> Geyser" is challenging after the fact.
> Any information about the evolution of these two sputs is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> MA
> M.A. Bellingham
> mabellingham at gmail.com
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