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This is the twentieth year of geyser caroling, a tradition that started in 1997 with the immortal "I'm Dreaming of a Mastiff Function." Yellowstone is at present a frigid and forbidding place, but this year’s carol looks forward to the sunlit days of gazing that await us in the spring. I send you best wishes for a rewarding 2017. 

Steve Gryc 

Sulfur Smell Rock 

(to the tune of “Jingle Bell Rock”) 

Sulfur smell, straight from hell, steamy and hot – 

Sulfur smell from a belching mud pot, 

Roilin’ and boilin’ up globules of fun, 

Now the gazer’s time has begun. 

Sulfur smell, what the hell, let’s take a hike – 

Up Paint Pot Hill to see a strange sight. 

Walkin’ past pools and the geyser called Blood, 

‘til we reach the mud! 

What a bright time, June’s the right time, 

To cheer each gazer’s soul. 

Sulfur smell time is a swell time 

To go gazin’ up the Firehole. 

Hurry up, gazers all, pick up your feet. 

Mortar and Fan’s in lock. 

Swing and sway as your feelin’ the heat, 

That’s the sulfur smell rock. 

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