[Geysers] West Thumb report

Ben Hoppe ben.hoppe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 16:45:32 PST 2016

I received an e-mail from Ranger Jon at West Thumb, it is as follows:

Skinny erupted sometime last night or this morning, just missed it. The new
geyser from the summer must still be be active, but eruptions seem
infrequent based on the snow around the rim. There is light and steady
bubbling in blue funnel and most of the other pools in that area. Plus,
thumb geyser's water level rises and falls. Not sure if it is a reservoir
for the new geyser. Twin's level has fallen. Lastly, lake shore geyser's
interval has slowed closer to ten minutes with minor eruptions to 2 feet.

Merry Christmas!
Ben Hoppe
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