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Hi Barbara -- It is good to have you back in the Park and sending us geyser updates. Because your reports also 
include what is happening in the Park with the animals (beasties and human); the weather, flowers, etc.it is 
like we are there with you. That makes it nice for us at home. Thanks so much for your posts. Hope to see you 
sometime this Summer. Nancy & Elwood Monteith 

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Geyser Report Sunday, May 24, 2015 

Beehive: 1029 (was 0525wc GT yesterday) 
Beehive's Indicator geyser: 1013 (water seen about 1010) 
Grand: 0445E, 1354 T2C GT 
Great Fountain: 1051 FRS (was 1412 yesterday) 
Uncertain called at 0920 
Spa called at 1231 
Tilt's Baby 1436ns GT 
3 crater geyser: 1242ie 
Till: 1250ie 
Flood: 1251ie 

This might have been a pleasant day had the sun been shining. It was 
not conducive to long sits in front of geysers! I left Grand after 
the 1203 Turban, full pool, waves, the works--then it dropped. 

I took Firehole Lake Dr on my way in this AM and again as I left. 
Pink cone dry, no bubbler activity either time. Lemon full and 
overflowing every time I've passed. A number of gazers have been 
watching a newly active geyser near Gemini. 

Beatrice R and Will B had birthdays today. Will was serenaded, 
Beatrice received gazer pictures and video wishes. 

The recent showers have improved the green colors in the landscape. 
Fishing in YS opened this weekend. I saw 2 lonely and cold looking 
hardy souls first thing, and many fishing the relatively clear waters 
of the Firehole and Madison every time since--well, maybe fewer before 

As I stopped behind a car with ID plates that was parked on the road 
on a blind curve while a passenger reached out the rear window to 
photograph an elk on the roadside, I realized I was the one who was 
going to get rear-ended, not the culprit. 

Barbara Lasseter 
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