[Geysers] Geyser Report Sunday, May 24, 2015

Barbara Lasseter barbara.lasseter at gmail.com
Sun May 24 15:40:36 PDT 2015

Geyser Report Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beehive: 1029 (was 0525wc GT yesterday)
Beehive's Indicator geyser: 1013  (water seen about 1010)
Grand: 0445E, 1354 T2C GT
Great Fountain: 1051 FRS (was 1412 yesterday)
Uncertain called at 0920
Spa called at 1231
Tilt's Baby 1436ns GT
3 crater geyser: 1242ie
Till: 1250ie
Flood: 1251ie

This might have been a pleasant day had the sun been shining.  It was
not conducive to long sits in front of geysers!  I left Grand after
the 1203 Turban, full pool, waves, the works--then it dropped.

I took Firehole Lake Dr on my way in this AM and again as I left.
Pink cone dry, no bubbler activity either time. Lemon full and
overflowing every time I've passed.  A number of gazers have been
watching a newly active geyser near Gemini.

Beatrice R and Will B had birthdays today.  Will was serenaded,
Beatrice received gazer pictures and video wishes.

The recent showers have improved the green colors in the landscape.
Fishing in YS opened this weekend.  I saw 2 lonely and cold looking
hardy souls first thing, and many fishing the relatively clear waters
of the Firehole and Madison every time since--well, maybe fewer before

As I stopped behind a car with ID plates that was parked on the road
on a blind curve while a passenger reached out the rear window to
photograph an elk on the roadside, I realized I was the one who was
going to get rear-ended, not the culprit.

Barbara Lasseter

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