[Geysers] Geyser Report 6/16/15 (Stephens)

Lynn Stephens lstephens2006 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 16 19:43:05 PDT 2015

We had two storms in the Lower Basin today plus one shower.  The morning storm dumped a layer of hail on the ground; the afternoon one just put down some rain.
As expected, Great Fountain did a long interval following the long duration eruption on 6/15.  I had predicted 8 am plus/minus two hours with it probably going on the long side.  Instead, I was surprised at 6:02 when the pool went into overflow.  Overflow lasted 85 minutes, with Great Fountain erupting at 0727.   I don't think the system had taken enough time to refill to give even an "average" eruption.  Sure enough, the eruption didn't expend much energy, with only one or two bursts during the fourth burst that put water outside the crater.  As expected, the next interval was short, with Great Fountain having a 1-meter boil at 1611, an interval of 8h44m.  The eruption was about average in energy expenditure, with the next prediction in the early morning, so I won't be out there to witness the eruption.
I saw four eruptions of Gemini today.  The first interval from initial to inital was only 3h02m.  The next interval was 5h00m.  Pebble had time to reach overflow, but only overflowed for about 35 minutes before Gemini started.  The third interval was 3h39m, and once again Pebble did not have time to come to overflow.  The series consisted of 4, 6, 5, and 4 bursts.
White Dome skunked a number of people who were waiting for it this morning when it had an interval in excess of 1h51m.  Some visitors said they had been there for over an hour when I arrived, but I don't know whether they had actually noted when they arrived.
"Rejuvenated" was running longer today than it has in the past, with closed intervals varying from about 25 to 35 minutes.
Between Barbara and myself we closed an interval for Labial--6h36m.  (Since Labial lasts less than 45 seconds, I'm treating Barbara's ie time as a start time.)
I got stuck in a bison jam this evening.  As I exited Firehole Lake Drive I was very lucky that someone let me into the line heading north.  The line moved so slowly that I was able to see Fountain's steam cloud go up, and, based on CGower's end time posted in geysertimes.org, I almost got the end of the eruption before I completed the drive across Fountain Flats.
Lynn Stephens
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