[Geysers] Geyser Report June 6 (Stephens)

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Sat Jun 6 18:53:45 PDT 2015

With the exception of a trip to get a Till major this afternoon (1409 for a double interval that averaged 10h35m) and a trip to Great Fountain to watch the start of the eruption (I'm still waiting to see a superburst although I've seen some nice blue bursts), I spent the entire day watching geysers in the White Dome Group.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck with Crack Geyser today.  White Dome Geyser seemed  to have fewer intervals of less than 30 mintues yesterday, and the same was true today.  Rough analysis of the data shows the mean and median jumped ABOUT 10 minutes yesterday from what they had been since May 22.  Excluding the first interval this morning, which was at least 142 minutes, the mean and median both dropped about 5 minutes today.  Even with the decrease, there were times when cars were lined up on both sides of the road while people waited for the next eruption.
I saw three series of Gemini today.  Pebble was overflowing prior to the start of the first two series; but was not in overflow for the start of the third series.  Overall, to date, the data is evenly split with Pebble overflowing prior to half of the Gemini series starts and not overflowing prior to the other half.  The first series only had 5 eruptions, the send and third series had 6 eruptions.  I saw water spitting from Crack between the third and fourth eruptions and the fourth and fifth eruptions of the first Gemini series, but did not see any water from Crack after that today.
I forgot to mention yesterday that a piece of heavy equipment came out to Firehole Lake Drive in the morning with a road grader blade on the front of the machine.  The operator spent an hour going back and forth "leveling" out the road, trying to fill in some of the potholes.  One of the potholes was deep enough to cause someone to break an axle so they had an orange cone in the pothole warning people.  The blade broke up the chip seal from recent years and some of the asphalt.  That section is much easier to drive now, although, as Udo Freund said, it created a lot of ammunition for boys to toss into inappropriate places.
Lynn Stephens
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