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Wrong Steve.    I have some Mickey photos but they are from 1981.

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On Apr 11, 2015, at 7:04 PM, Genean Dunn <tddandngd at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Steve,

Do you have any photos that we could use to illustrate your report on
Mickey Hot Springs for the next Sput?



On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 12:11 PM, Stephen Eide <stepheneide at cableone.net>

> Hello all,
> I visited Mickey Hot Springs 3-28-15 with Andrea Eide, sorry I am late
> with the report.  I'm trying to work hard to get to the park in a couple of
> weeks.
> First, the Geyser at Mickey Hot springs is active but just barely.  When
> we first arrived it was overflowing and having small 1-1.5 foot
> eruptions with a duration of a few seconds about twice a minute.  It is in
> almost constant overflow, the overflow increases with the eruptions and it
> would sometimes drop below overflow for a few seconds.   However as I
> stayed in the area I realized that the eruptions quit for extended periods
> of time.  I had one half hour period with no eruptions, followed by 3-5
> minutes with eruptions twice a minute, then a ten minute gap before the
> next eruption.  I think the biggest eruption would have made two feet.
> The overflowing spring on the Northwest of the complex close to the
> parking area is slightly cooler.  Two years ago I could touch the water in
> the pool but not keep my hand in it.  Now I could keep my hand in the pool
> for 5 seconds without discomfort.  It still has steady overflow.
> The almost dried up pool on the northeast is about the same, the only
> water is in the few vents in the bottom of the dry pool and they were
> lukewarm at best.
> The mud pots to the Southwest were quiet dry; some were just weak steam
> vents.  The other pools in the South of the area were about the same to me;
> bubbling but I think just below boiling with steady overflow from a couple
> of the pools.
> The steam vent to the East of the Geyser is still active, it is mostly a
> small area of moist, bubbling gravel.
> If you have any questions I can try to answer them.  I haven't looked at
> the pictures yet but I don't expect much.  We did see an Antelope on the
> way out.
> Stephen Eide
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