[Geysers] Mickey Hot Springs 3-28-15

Stephen Eide stepheneide at cableone.net
Fri Apr 10 12:11:53 PDT 2015

Hello all,
I visited Mickey Hot Springs 3-28-15 with Andrea Eide, sorry I am late with
the report.  I'm trying to work hard to get to the park in a couple of

First, the Geyser at Mickey Hot springs is active but just barely.  When we
first arrived it was overflowing and having small 1-1.5 foot eruptions with
a duration of a few seconds about twice a minute.  It is in almost constant
overflow, the overflow increases with the eruptions and it would sometimes
drop below overflow for a few seconds.   However as I stayed in the area I
realized that the eruptions quit for extended periods of time.  I had one
half hour period with no eruptions, followed by 3-5 minutes with eruptions
twice a minute, then a ten minute gap before the next eruption.  I think
the biggest eruption would have made two feet.

The overflowing spring on the Northwest of the complex close to the parking
area is slightly cooler.  Two years ago I could touch the water in the pool
but not keep my hand in it.  Now I could keep my hand in the pool for 5
seconds without discomfort.  It still has steady overflow.

The almost dried up pool on the northeast is about the same, the only water
is in the few vents in the bottom of the dry pool and they were lukewarm at

The mud pots to the Southwest were quiet dry; some were just weak steam
vents.  The other pools in the South of the area were about the same to me;
bubbling but I think just below boiling with steady overflow from a couple
of the pools.

The steam vent to the East of the Geyser is still active, it is mostly a
small area of moist, bubbling gravel.

If you have any questions I can try to answer them.  I haven't looked at
the pictures yet but I don't expect much.  We did see an Antelope on the
way out.

Stephen Eide
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