[Geysers] Norris followup

MA Bellingham mabdepot at msn.com
Sat May 3 06:21:49 PDT 2014

Hello Gazers - I haven't seen my first email, but here is a followup, I spent another afternoon at Norris on May 2, 2014. 

Vixen is still really great with intervals (observed in 4 hours) from 21 to 34 minutes.   The shortest interval included a short eruption early in my visit, but I observed a short duration eruption after a longer interval near the end of my time there. 
Vixen height was great, even on a short duration eruption.  Very fun!!!

In other news: 
Fireball was active, IE as I entered the basin from the Museum.   This was my first one seen since opening weekend.
Rubble is full of water.  
Monarch had some nice boils in the green water.  


M.A. Bellingham
mabdepot at msn.com
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