[Geysers] Geyser Report, Thursday, July 17, 2014

Barbara Lasseter barbara.lasseter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 14:56:43 PDT 2014

Geyser Report, Thursday, July 17, 2014

Somehow I lost internet access for 3 days, but am up and running
again.  Temps 33-35F on my way into the park this AM.  The skies were
VERY milky due to fires NW of us (NW WA-Vancouver area).  No smoke
odor however.  The sun was gorgeous orange as it cleared the
mountains, but the lovely sunrise colors I had hoped for did not
occur.  The heavy haze may have held down the heat--  73F  at 1230PM.

The Bozeman Chronicle had an article yesterday or the day before
saying the Firehole Lake Dr was again open--not news.  "Park officials
said Monday road crews removed damaged sections of pavement and used a
mix of sand and lime to soak up the oil."   Certainly not what it
appeared had been done.

Fan and Mortar erupted at 1143 on Tues 7-15.  All were grateful for a
daylight eruption.

I saw a porcupine near the start of Firehole Lake Dr this AM!  He
ambled off into the trees.
Great Fountain had a 28hr window posted this AM.  I bet it went, too.
Pool was empty as I passed.  The gray road topping was still wet in
front of Pink Cone shortly after 0600.

Giantess has caught a lot of attention.  It was doing VERY nice
boiling yesterday.  I left Artemisia, hoping...    but no eruption

Beehive: yesterday 7/16 @ 1612wc, today 1037 (indicator 1022, water @ 1020)

Grand: Yesterday 7/16 at 2214 V4T2Q d=10', 17" GT (2216E), today @
0502E, 1155 T1C

Lion: 1039 initial, 1149FRS
Little Cub: ie @ 0922 (very weak and spacey), 0942, 1020, 1053

Depression: 0736ie

Aurum: splashing nicely all AM, but no eruption reported as of 1215

Castle: 0432E major

Oblong: 1107ie

Daisy: 0124E, 0406E, 0652E, 0934ie suspected per steam

Riverside had not been reported as of 1215

Fountain: yesterday @ 0725ie, 1223VR, 1749 (all per gazer report)
Twig appeared to be ie @ 0606 this AM as I passed by

Doublet pool had thump cycles 0811ie, 0840, 0914, 0948, 1056

Slot: 0907, 1015ie, 1201FRS

Plate: 0909

Peanut Pool: 1004ie FRS

Bronze Spring: 1115FRS, 1135FRS

3 crater geyser: 1220ie

Barbara Lasseter

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