[Geysers] Geyser Report, Monday, July 14, 2014

Barbara Lasseter barbara.lasseter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 15:21:43 PDT 2014

Geyser Report, Monday, July 14, 2014

Lovely cool weather this AM, but leading to thunderstorms midday.
Enough light cloud to make a very colorful sunrise.  The loop road
signs for Firehole Lake Dr have been uncovered, and the prediction
board for Great Fountain has been updated.  My day started out there.
When I got to the lower store after Great Fountain, not a gazer could
be found.  I wandered out to Grand, again, no one there.  It was

Beehive: had not erupted (and no indicator) as of my departure at
noon.  It's last eruption was yesterday at 1756 GT.

Grand:  1057 T1?  (the lightning and rain drove most of us off prior
to the end of the eruption--I watched the end from the bike path S of

Little Cub: ie @ 0806, 1123, 1156

Oblong: 0948ns

Riverside: 0942ns

Daisy: 0924ns

Artemisia: 0920

Fountain: 0610ie  (steam ended 0639)  I had no problem seeing it from
Great Fountain this AM.  Clepsydra quit approx 0647 til 0651 per

Great Fountain: in early overflow at 0600, 0714 P=0

Pink Cone: 0605ie

White Dome: 0611, 0643, 0706, 0738

Tilt's Baby was empty at 1103 as I left Grand

Penta: steam phase 1110ns FRS

Flood: ie @ 1207

There have been lots of elk along the W entrance road the past week.
It seems more like September without the big bulls.   I must have seen
40 or more this AM, fat and sleek and scattered all the way from 6
mile bridge to Madison Campground.  Most have melted into the trees by
the time I come home.  The calves look strong  (still reckless
teenagers, and I give them lots of room).  They seem to outgrow the
spindly-legged stage quickly.

Barbara Lasseter

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