[Geysers] Geyser Report, Sunday, July 13, 2014

Barbara Lasseter barbara.lasseter at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 17:44:53 PDT 2014

Geyser Report, Sunday, July 13, 2014

Firehole Lake Dr was less dusty today.  The repaired section is
starting to washboard a bit, and the lumpety-bumpety areas in front of
Firehole Spring and White Dome are becoming more pronounced, but
continue to be improved vs the pre-repair status. The signs along the
loop road still are boarded-over. The Great Fountain prediction board
had July 7 data.  It appeared Pink Cone had erupted between my first
pass approx. 0620 and 2nd pass after Great Fountain.  Even worse,
Fountain must have erupted while I was at Great Fountain, and I
misread the steams (until they ALL stopped-- that I figured out!).

Beehive: 0144wc GT and gazer report (indicator 0129ie wc GT)

Grand: 0442wc GT, 1359 (1 burst)  hot, crowded, and "late"

W Triplet: 1337

Lion: 0009wc GT initial, 0123wc GT, 0824 FRS, 1032 FRS

Little Cub: ie at 1008

Depression: 0705ie

Aurum: 0306wc GT

Oblong: 0054ie wc GT, 1233ie

Riverside: 0150ie wc GT,

Daisy: 0446ie wc GT, 0730wc per gazer, 1015wc per gazer, 1244

Grotto: 1114     Rocket Major 1226

Artemisia:  0940 gazer report

Great Fountain: 0900 p=6

White Dome: 0744ie, 0823, 0845, 0948ie

Twig: 0833ie gazer report

Clepsydra shut off 0826 gazer report

3 crater geyser: 1002ie

Plate: 1103ie FRS

Barbara Lasseter

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