[Geysers] Geyser Report Monday, July 7, 2014

Karen Webb caros at xmission.com
Tue Jul 8 11:23:33 PDT 2014

Hi Barb:

Did you yourself see the steam cloud from Morning Mist? That's kind of 
on my bucket list, have been twice resulting in one pretty empty crater 
and one with overflow to the creek (always wondered if we should have 
waited that one out...

Thanks for your reports! We're missing our July trip for the first time 
in living memory, and it's killing me. The weather looks completely 
glorious, F&M may be getting active, looks like there's some activity in 
Norris. Hope it all keeps up till August (esp F&M in daylight!) I 
actually predicted I would have a meltdown at about the time we would 
normally have arrived at the OF area Sunday---and yup, pretty much the 
meltdown to end all meltdowns. Need to check Utah law to see if there's 
a law against creaming your kids if they're still minors. You may not 
know me well enough to know this, but I tend to be optimistic (the guys, 
esp Zayne, are sometimes frighteningly cynical), bounce back quickly if 
a black mood hits---I was even voted "most optimistic" in a summer 
school program I was sent to by the NSF the summer of my junior year in 
HS. Definitely didn't look it Sunday night!

*Hope* to see you in time for the Perseids!
Karen Webb

On 7/7/2014 6:47 PM, Barbara Lasseter wrote:
> The granddaughters have returned home, the computer is now functioning
> (most of the time), and I've overcome the nasty respiratory thing that
> met my arrival In WYS in mid-May, so here goes!
> Geyser Report Monday, July 7, 2014
> After a record wet June, a good bit of it of the frozen kind, July is
> hot and sunny.  Flowers and mosquitoes are making up for lost time.
> Beehive: 1130 a near 18hr interval  Water at 1110, indicator @ 1113
> Grand: (0456wc) in a vent delay when I left at 1400
> Little Cub ie at 0817, 0854, 0926, 0959, 1030, 1103, 1135
> Lion: 0508wc, reported at 6 something prior to my arrival in the
> basin, then steam roars only
> Depression: 1033
> Aurum: gazer report @ 0525,  1040
> I did not hear an overnight electronic on Castle and have not seen it
> since 1253 yesterday
> West Triplet: 1409 FRS
> Rift: 1141 FRS, gazer reported end at 1151
> Oblong: gazer report as empty @ 0530, 1059ie FRS
> Riverside: 0915 FRS
> Daisy: gazer report @ 0700ie, ? steam cloud reported at 0932, 1154
> Great Fountain: yesterday @ 1800 E, today @ 0439 E
> Pink Cone: geyser times listed 1328 yesterday, seen late in eruption
> today @ 1431
> Slot: 1002ie
> Tilt's Baby: 1244
> 3 crater: 1416ie
> Morning Mist: per steam cloud 0630ie
> No Fan and Mortar as of 1400.
> Motor vehicle accident on my return along W entrance road at W
> entrance to Riverside Dr--emergency vehicles were just arriving.
> After this late start on reporting, I expect to be out of the basin
> tomorrow.  Bear with me.
> Barbara Lasseter
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