[Geysers] Gazing Game updates and details.

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So Will and I are both 
very encouraged with all of the positive feedback that this game idea has been 
receiving, we are also taking into account some cautions that individuals have 
mentioned, and thank those who have brought them up. We are currently still 
working out some kinks, but there are some changes and details that I will talk 
about briefly here. 

One of the changes that is 
going to happen is that we are going to bump the point values up, still trying 
to make the numbers easy to calculate as we are sure that participants don't 
want to be carrying a calculator around the basin. Steamboat will stay at 
1,000,000 points, because that is the GRAND prize. Once-in-a-lifetime Geysers (other than steamboat) will be 500,000 (Excelsior, Union, Semi-Centenial, etc.). After that, the max amount of points for a single eruption will be 100,000 points. The smallest Geysers are going be bumped up to 100 points each, although limitations on the amount of observed eruptions allowed to count will still be in effect (max of 5 for rusty, etc.) 

Concerning Duals. Will and 
I have discussed Duals and have come to the conclusion that for the most part, 
if there is a dual eruption you simply sum the points of the two geysers 
involved, and there may be a small bonus added, depending on the system 
involved. The same goes for seeing many large eruptions in one day. you will 
already have enough points as it is when you add up the points from all the 
large geysers, so you might get a small bonus, but that will be it. 

Will and I are also in the 
works for making a point referencesheet, a quick 
thing that you can pull out after you see a geyser. 

One last thing, the name 
at the top of the list that Will sent is not the official name, we 
are still working on it, we're searching for something practical, yet catchy, 
that can be broken down into a fun acronym. If you have any ideas, send them to 
Will or I, and we will add them to the list of possibilities, where maybe we 
will have a vote on it sometime.That also goes for ECP ideas and normal geyser points as well, send any suggestions to us, and we will take a look! 

Again, thanks for all the positive support, Will and I really hope that this 
will create a fun activity for the summer that piggy backs on the normal Geyser 
Gazing passion we all share.

Micah Kipple

Yellowstone's Clownfish
Volcanoes are God's Fireworks
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