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I like your suggestion and I know that I have a lot of images on slides and B&W negatives.  I have scanned some, but I have been somewhat disappointed in the results.  However, I would still be willing to submit some images to fill some holes.  How are submissions made?  I couldn't find that information on the GOSA webpage.
Dan Larson
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Dear All,
I recently took a look at the official GOSA website and was disappointed at how little it has grown in terms of information and photos.  Speaking now to those of you who are GOSA associates:  It doesn't do ourorganization much credit to have all those blank spots in a website that represents us and what we knowabout the geysers, so I am urging you to contribute photos and descriptions of geysers so that the GOSAwebsite can be more useful and beautiful.  Most of us now have new information and new photos fromlast summer.  Thanks to Don Might for working on the website.  We need to support him.
Steve Gryc     

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