[Geysers] Morning August 9, etc.

Maureen Edgerton mauree0258 at aol.com
Fri Aug 9 19:13:12 PDT 2013

Hey all.  Here is some news from Lower Geyser Basin.

First off, we had Morning at 0356, and we know that thanks to some hearty gazers that went out at that time to see it, Tristan and Dean.

Then at 0728 we had Fountain for 39.5 minutes, which is pretty much a sure thing, at least from what we have observed this summer, for Morning to follow, and once again, we were not disappointed.

Morning looked great, and for a bit we thought we might get a solo Morning again, back to back, yet Fountain had other ideas, and it started at 1634:50.  Then Morning did join in, only 20 seconds later, at 1635:10.  Morning erupted for 18 minutes, and Fountain for 70, making it a very short dual, as far as observed duals this summer go, yet it was a fun ride.

Fountain does super eruptions during the duals, and this one was very nice again.  Often outdoing Morning for height and width of bursts.  Tourists did not know which way to look.  It was great.

More gazers there for their 1st Morning.  This was my 22nd, and I am not getting tired of it!

Other news, Beehive showed itself at 1930!

Great Fountain was also seen by most of us watching the dual before we headed over, it was 1446, p=9.


Again, thanks to the night watchers, they provide valuable data points!!!


Oh, here is a photo.  

Maureen Edgerton
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