[Geysers] screen shots

Beatrice Rieske brieske24de at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 14 23:49:38 PDT 2012

> Would someone please tell me how to take a screen shot?

The easiest way would be to press the "print" button on your keyboard.  
This copies the screen view to your clipboard. You can then paste it (Ctrl  
+ v) to the picture editing/viewing software of your choice (even good old  
Paint will work).

If you want to take multiple screen shots this process is quite a  
nuisance. I capture from the UGB static cam regularly, and the best  
program I have found for that purpose is called x-shot. It is very simple  
but quite efficient. It is free and can be downloaded here:


It is a German program which is available in English. Instructions are  
only available in German, but the program is pretty self-explanatory. You  
tell it what part of the screen you want captured, how often you want it  
to take a capture and where you want it to save the pictures, and that's  

Hope that helps,

Beatrice Rieske
Berlin, Germany

mailto:brieske24de at yahoo.de

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