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#1 As seen from near White Dome (looking west), it is to the left of the "Tangled Creek Geyser."  Height estimates ???? Without anything to serve as a measured point of reference, my best guestimate is 3-5 meters.
Here's what I reported on the listserv on September 6:
"I watched a new geyser in Tangled Creek over the two week period, which I called "Spire" because it looks like a slightly larger Pyramid or Uncertain.  Durations were 5-7 minutes; intervals 35-55 minutes.  I asked Bill Lewis and Sam Holbrook and both of them indicated they had never seen anything like it while they were stationed in the Lower Basin in the 60's and 70's and did mapping in the Tangled Creek Area.  Rocco Paperiello said it seems possible it is in the vicinity of a feature Sam called "Tonsil Geyser" on his map of the Tangled Creek vents, but the description of activity does not match anything Sam observed."
Lynn Stephens


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#1. In receipt of the December SPUT, I see a second (after October) reference to "Spire Geyser" out in the Tangled Creek area. A bit more info, if possible. For example, as seen from near White Dome: Is this to the right or to the left of the "Tangled Creek Geyser" (aka, TGG-1)? Is it nearer or farther from the road? And is there as estimate as to its eruption height? Thanks.
#2. I certainly didn't expect, or want this bumper sticker item, to carry on and on, especially not on this geyser list. So enough, please. But I will say that what I saw was NOT script lettering, and it definitely read "good" with a 'g'. So a take-off, perhaps.
Scott Bryan

In a message dated 1/3/2012 7:23:49 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, rflieb at yahoo.com writes:
I think what Scott saw were bumper stickers from Penzeys Spices stores that read "Love people. Cook them tasty food." in script lettering.  He must have misread the script f as a g.   Penzeys are located in both Arizona and Oregon.
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