[Geysers] Who Took This Photo?

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Maybe some "smart aleck" changed this a little.   "Love people. Cook them
tasty food."





L C Daugherty




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Don't know who took it. Seems to me I've seen this photo somewhere,
sometime, but thaqt appears to not be Yellowstone's on-line slide file. So I
ask Jeff -- where did you find it?


Scott Bryan


With that said, I'm going to take a liberty here in the hope that the
moderator will allow this. About 3 or 4 months ago I saw a car, a fairly new
SUV with Arizona license; this car bore several bumper stickers and decals
for a local "megachurch" PLUS this really odd additional bumper sticker.
Then yesterday I saw a rather old Toyota Tercel with Oregon license that had
the same odd sticker. The sticker reads exactly as follows:


love people

cook em tasty good


Does anybody have any info about this thing?



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Attached is a magnificent photograph of Sapphire Pool in eruption.

Who took it?

Jeff Cross
jeff.cross at utah.edu

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