[Geysers] Fw: eruption at Fountain Paint Pots

Seeyellowstone at aol.com Seeyellowstone at aol.com
Tue Feb 21 06:00:23 PST 2012

We have put a small marker of 3 rocks on top of each other where Fountain's 
 run off goes under the boardwalk.  I'm not able to drive a snowcoach due 
to  a shoulder injury, but all of the guides are watching it carefully, and 
have  cameras in hand.  None of the guides we have talked to have seen 
Fountain  in a few days.  Why do things always get good right before the park  
closes?  We do agree it is Morning's Thief and not Morning that is erupting  
solo.  We are posting the few times of Jet, Spasm, Super Frying Pan,  
Morning's Thief, and hopefully Fountain on the Yellowstone Tour Guides facebook  
page.  The West guides are doing there own posts, so I don't always pay  
attention.  We are all keeping and eye out for this and Giantess!
Jim Holstein
Yellowstone Tour Guides
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