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At least one map of the Old Faithful Wylie Camp can be found in the 1909 Campbell Guide.   The Wiley camp on that map was slightly NE of White Pyramid and West of Grotto.  
While looking at the following photos below - recall how the original 'road' in the basin was routed - out to Morning Glory.  
For photos and such - go to Google, Choose IMAGES - type in Wylie Tent Camp Yellowstone and you'll find a lot more!
1908 Photo
 online http://content.lib.utah.edu/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/USHS_Shipler&CISOPTR=9285
1915 Photo of Upper Basin Wylie Camp with Automobiles passing by! http://www.wyomingtalesandtrails.com/yellowstoneautos.html
As we sit here in 2012 and look at such photos we can entertainourselves with the idea of how easy our visits are now as compared to 100+ years ago.  Imagine being at Larry's Lunch station in Norris hearing stories of geyser eruptions and it would take us HOURS to get to the locations back then.  We'd be lucky, in some cases, to arrive by horse the same day!    In 2012
 - in a good sweep - when we
 are at Grand Geyser, we can watch it then wander into the historic 1897 Klamer/Lower Ham's store for a grilled cheese to go and then make it to Great Fountain in the same hour.   Of course, you must be parked in front of the gas station or Ham's store :)  Sometimes, you can be graced by also catching Fountain Geyser.  As a kid, I hoped to have a Jetson's flying craft by now... so I could just hover over all and buzz over to the next one!  
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As of recent, I came up on photos on a Yellowstone Park website that show a 
large number of "Striped
 Tents", Wiley Motor Camp, located in the Upper 
Geyser Basin area.  My question is:  Just exactly where was the Wiley Motor 
Camp located relative to the Old Faithful Inn?  I have looked at a 1910 map, 
but that must have been before the time they would put Wiley Camps on the 

Appreciate any inputs that you geysers could provide.

Thanks in advance,

Gary Henderson - Meridian, Idaho
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