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Gary, the Wylie Permanent Camp at Old Faithful was on Wylie Hill. Today, if one is standing on the tar path looking at Grotto Geyser, Wylie Hill is directly behind you. Here's a Haynes post card of it taken in 1915, taken from near Giant Geyser, maybe partway from Giant to Oblong, and closer to today's tarpath.
Leslie Quinn

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> As of recent, I came up on photos on a Yellowstone Park website that show a 
> large number of "Striped Tents", Wiley Motor Camp, located in the Upper 
> Geyser Basin area.  My question is:  Just exactly where was the Wiley Motor 
> Camp located relative to the Old Faithful Inn?  I have looked at a 1910 map, 
> but that must have been before the time they would put Wiley Camps on the 
> maps.  
> Appreciate any inputs that you geysers could provide.
> Thanks in advance,
> Gary Henderson - Meridian, Idaho</HTML>
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