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I'm no historian, but I believe the Wiley Tent Camp in the UGB was located 
on the hill immediately north of the north spur trail that leads into the 
Daisy Geyser area.  When the blacktop bike trail was the main road through 
the UGB this trail was a spur road for autos that continued on between Daisy 
Geyser and Bonita Pool, around the south side of Daisy Geyser and then out 
to Black Sand Pool and over to what is now Black Sand Basin. There are 
photos somewhere showing cars driving on that old spur road, right next to 
Daisy Geyser, and I have seen an old photo posted here that showed the Wiley 
Tent Camp on that hill.

Dan Roach

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As of recent, I came up on photos on a Yellowstone Park website that show a
large number of "Striped Tents", Wiley Motor Camp, located in the Upper
Geyser Basin area.  My question is:  Just exactly where was the Wiley Motor
Camp located relative to the Old Faithful Inn?  I have looked at a 1910 map,
but that must have been before the time they would put Wiley Camps on the

Appreciate any inputs that you geysers could provide.

Thanks in advance,

Gary Henderson - Meridian, Idaho</HTML>
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