[Geysers] Question for the Historians - Gary Henderson

Goh83642 at wmconnect.com Goh83642 at wmconnect.com
Sun Feb 19 12:21:24 PST 2012

As of recent, I came up on photos on a Yellowstone Park website that show a 
large number of "Striped Tents", Wiley Motor Camp, located in the Upper 
Geyser Basin area.  My question is:  Just exactly where was the Wiley Motor 
Camp located relative to the Old Faithful Inn?  I have looked at a 1910 map, 
but that must have been before the time they would put Wiley Camps on the 

Appreciate any inputs that you geysers could provide.

Thanks in advance,

Gary Henderson - Meridian, Idaho</HTML>

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