[Geysers] Regarding the Live Streaming Cam

David Monteith dmonteit at comcast.net
Sun Feb 19 11:00:33 PST 2012


I think you and the other camera operators do a wonderful job.  I went
back and looked at the recording from Saturday.  Geyser Hill wasn't
always visible but it was visible more than two thirds of the time, and
of course it is always visible on the still cam.  Unfortunately, there
is only one streaming camera.  There is no way for it to point at
everything everyone wants to see.  I know that I've been frustrated
sometimes when it wasn't pointing where I wanted.  But I can't have
everything I want. 

As for posted geyser eruption times, my spot checks of the times being
recorded in the online geyser logs are surprisingly accurate.  The only
major problems seem to occur when we are having problems with the
streaming camera.  Even then, I've noticed that the times are being
fairly well self-policed by the frequent contributors.

What to say about rumors on the camera chat page?  Well, they can make
the camera chat page interesting on occasion.  At times, it reminds me
of a bunch of geyser gazers that have been waiting too long for an
eruption.  The rumors and theories can fly fast and furious.  It is fun
but it is not always easy to separate hard facts from wild rumors.  In
short, at these times, the cam chat page becomes a fun social gathering
of people sharing their enjoyment and passion for geysers and
Yellowstone.  Isn't it amazing we no longer have to wait to be in
Yellowstone to have the social geyser gazer experience.

Thank you to the camera operators, and everyone (workers, volunteers and
participants) that make the cameras, chat page and geyser time logs a


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