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Pat Snyder riozafiro at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 11:46:56 PST 2012

Thank you for your reply, Carolyn. This clarifies a few things about the streaming cam and how it is used. And thank you to the cam operator volunteers, too.

As a geyser webcam addict and frequent poster to geysertimes.org, I'd like to make a few comments (I won't speak to the geyser chat room, I don't log in to it).

First, a big thank you to Jake for geysertimes.org. It's a great tool. Case in point: the recent North Goggles eruptions--it was so nice to see the data as it was happening and also see the chart of activity, too. 

In terms of accuracy, though, I believe geysertimes.org is pretty darn close, given the restrictions of time zones (where people are, including Europe!), the cameras getting stuck, browser issues, etc. etc. etc. Here's why:

• Webcam times are posted as such, with a wc added.
• Times we are unsure about are posted with a "?."
• If the geyser wasn't seen from the start, we can post it i.e. (in eruption).
• Incorrect times can be deleted.
• We have the option to add a note/comment about a geyser if we just want to make an observation.
• We also have an opportunity to "flag" a time we think is incorrect and make comments about the reason why it was flagged.
• When the park is open, occasional live reports are posted.

Sure, we have to guess that rolling narrow steam cloud at the "V" in the trees is Riverside, and on mornings where everything is making big steam, it's hard to tell one geyser from another. But those of us who contribute to geysertimes.org strive to do our best to be accurate in our geyser time reporting. 

Pat Snyder

On Feb 19, 2012, at 6:48 AM, Carolyn Aaronson wrote:

> How lucky we are as geyser gazers to have the live streaming camera in the Park. However, this is a reminder that the live streaming cam is in the Park for the PUBLIC to view Old Faithful as is erupts in the basin and everything else seen is "gravy".  It is the choice of the each individual cam operator to focus on whatever he/she wants to view whether it be down basin, geysers on the hill, or a variety of animals .Again, the only requirement is that the camera focused on Old Faithful when it erupts. The volunteers (which by the way are doing a wonderful job) spend hours of their time for all to enjoy Yellowstone. Also ,it is not the job of the operators to post on any of the chat pages or geyser times and they do so by choice as a courtesy. Remember, others post on the pages as well and the chatter, as well as the times posted, on the pages should not be taken as gospel since they are often stated in error. It should also be noted that Canon has donated the camera to the Park for us to use and not requested anything more of us as far as I know.
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