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inezaustin at aol.com inezaustin at aol.com
Sat Feb 18 13:26:41 PST 2012

I had been really enjoying watching the Lion group since the group dynamic changed.  However, I noticed on Thursday thru Saturday that 90% of the time that the camera wasn't focused on the Old Faithful eruption that the camera was focused on animals and on the lower valley.  Since I also watch the Cam chat group, I noticed that the camera operator said enough time had been devoted to the Lion Group.....and I saw a note that Canon had requested more animal coverage.

I am confused.  I thought the camera was primarily for geyser gazing and since the activity we can see clearly is geyser hill, I thought we would see primarily Geyser Hill.  Again, my focus is what I perceive to be a change at the Lion group.

Since it's free I have no cause to complain, but I miss being able to see what is going on with the Lion Group.

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