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Indeed, I was one of the people who walked away from a North Goggles major/Goggles Spring dual on April 26, 2002 (incidentally, Steamboat was in eruption at the time, as well).  I saw it from the Inn parking lot.  I was trying to figure out why I couldn't see the bottom of North Goggles' column when I realized that Goggles Spring was erupting to 30 feet also.  We did not need our radios to hear Dave Goldberg announce the Goggles Spring eruption.

The events of the day are in the online logbook, but I'll list them for clarification.

Giantess erupted in the early morning hours of April 25.

Then, on April 26:

0906 North Goggles minor
1005 North Goggles minor
1343 Lion
1510 Lion
1624 Lion minor
1647 Lion minor
1658 Lion minor
1710 Lion
1817 Lion
1921 Lion minor
1923 North Goggles minor
1931 Lion
2042 North Goggles major with Goggles Spring to 30 feet

Here is the description of the events from David Goldberg:
On Friday Lion had a series of nine eruptions.  The initial
was at 1344ie.  During the sixth Lion (around 1700) North Goggles began
an extended period of overflow which lasted 76 minutes.  By the end,
North Goggles was boiling up half a foot.  Water levels dropped and
vigorous churning took place at depth.  On the third overflow after the
extend, North Goggles had a minor eruption at 1923.  Lion had its last
eruption of the series shortly after.  Then North Goggles had another
extended waving period.  This one lasted around 70 minutes and was concluded
with a major eruption.  North Goggles surged and began to climb.  When it
had reached 20 feet, I noticed Goggles Spring was spashing from a full
pool.  Goggles Spring began to erupt a thick, surging column of water
to 30+ feet.  It looked like a thicker version of Aurum.  Meanwhile
North Goggles was at least 40 feet tall right next to it.  Goggles Spring
began to decline after about a minute and was shortly followed by Norht
Goggles.  There was a brief concluding steam phase from both vents.  The
whole play lasted about two minutes.  I regained my breath about five
hours later.I remember that I initially left North Goggles to see the end of Grand (which had 3 bursts, so at least I saw something), and after that I had some kind of brain cramp and decided to go to my car for provisions instead of returning to North Goggles, even though Dave called on the radio that it had been overflowing for over an hour.  Oops.  At least I sort of saw it....

--Tara Cross
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Greetings all,
I cannot be sure of the dates on this (I have been searching to see if I have notes), but it seems like in 2001 or 2002 North Goggles majors were fairly frequent.  During one of those years, there was a Giantess eruption that led to Lion series of 10 to 12 eruptions that ended in an a Major eruption of both Goggles Spring and North Goggles as seen by David Goldberg (there is a funny back story to all this told and retold at many a gazer gathering).  During the Lion series there were several minors and long overflows from North Goggles.

Seems like this was in the fall as there were not many tourists and it was getting dark early.  Mike Keller, Rocco, Tara and a few others were around at the time, but Dave was the only one who caught the final major.  Anyone else remember this or have any notes?  Trying to remember this all so I may have my facts a bit off.

Take care,
Matthew McLean

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