[Geysers] Dallol - The World's Weirdest Volcanic Crater ~ Kuriositas

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Sat Feb 18 09:23:36 PST 2012

Neat place, Dallol. Not too long ago there was a TV program that had a few  
shots of the place. I'd tell you what the program was if I could remember!
The same (I think) erupting spring can be seen the background of the second 
 photo. Do note the term "gas geysers" obviously, I haven't been there to 
see for  myself but the considered opinion is just that -- "gas" but not true 
geysers,  more akin to perpetual spouters while they exist -- which is only 
briefly as the  rapid deposition of new salt and/or sulfur quickly alters 
the area.
Scott Bryan
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Wonderful photos!!! Thanks for sharing!
Rhonda Cartee
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There is a photo of  an erupting spring down the page. 

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