[Geysers] North Goggles not seen the last 3 hours of today 2/13/12

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Tue Feb 14 08:27:46 PST 2012

As I pointed out yesterday, this activity by North Goggles Geyser is  
(mostly) different from the series seen in 1985 and 1993, and to my knowledge it  
is/was far more intense (that is, many more eruptions). "N G Mode 3"?
Also, in the past, both eruptions and steam phases have been observed in  
Goggles Spring at the time of North Goggles Geyser major eruptions. I do  not 
recall if they were ever seen at the times of North Goggles so-called  
intermediate eruptions, which I believe these "195 second" eruptions qualify as. 
 True majors had durations of 2 1/2 minutes and longer (usually much 
longer)  and were concluded by powerful steam phases.
Scott Bryan
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dmonteit at comcast.net writes:

No  eruption of North Goggles was seen after the 1536 eruption.  I  double
checked this on the recordings.  

Does anyone know if  the behavior we've seen the past two days has been
seen  before?

Janet White reminded me of something I forgot to mention in  yesterday's
report.  Puffing steam was seen from Goggle Spring after  both 195 second
duration eruptions of North Goggles but no water was  visible on the
webcam.  Of course water from a normal eruption of  Goggle Spring is
unlikely to be seen on the  webcam.

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