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Will Boekel wolveslax65 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 20 17:50:42 PST 2012


    This is an update on all of my geyser data projects that I have undertaken this past year.

    First off I still have not received last winter’s data from Mr. Heasler. Hopefully I will get it soon. Also I
have had some time to work on the logger data since I am now home for winter break.
The data on the following geysers have been finished: Artemisia, Aurum, Daisy, Fountain, Little Squirt,
and Plume. The ones that are close to being finished are: Old Faithful, Lion, Riverside, and Oblong. The
others on the list left to finish are Beehive, Castle, Grand, Great Fountain, Grotto, and Spouter. 

    Sorry that it has taken a while to get the data done as I have had little time to work on it lately and I am making
all my algorithms from scratch. All of the data will be uploaded to Geyser Times after Jake gets done fixing some bugs
in the bulk upload system that he is making for Geyser Times. Also I will try and get text files out also as they are finished up.

    On the OFVCL-EV transfer project, I have completed transferring the logs from 1970-1976 and the 2012 log up to 3/15/2012. Currently,
I am working on the 2011 log, the new volunteers working on the 2010 log and, Dave Smith is working on the 1977 log.

    Once the bulk upload system is finished and operational I will be uploading all of Ralph Taylor’s electronic times (more than 480,000 entries)
under the observer “RTED” (Ralph Taylor Electronic Data) and a few more OFVCL-EV logs

    In one final note, I have had a few volunteers come forward to help clean the OFVCL-EV logs (Thank you to those people!) but I would love it if
I could get a few more.

Have a wonderful holiday season,

Will Boekel
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