[Geysers] VC Logbook Transfer Project - HELP NEEDED!!

Will Boekel wolveslax65 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 11 16:34:36 PST 2012


    Currently, Dave Smith and I have been cleaning the Visitor Center logs that are on the GOSA website (OFVCL-EV) to transfer in to Geyser Times in
my quest of having all data sources in Geyser Times. I will be continuing to work on the project when I can but that time is very limited now because the data
loggers have taken first priority behind school work. Also next semester I will be taking 15 credits and one of my professors has a really bad reputation (aka I
have heard he only passes 40% of his class and I will have to work my butt off in that class) and also I have to leave a little time for skiing the cold smoke
here in Bozeman. All that being said, I would love it if I could get some more volunteers to help clean the logs up for me to then bulk enter into Geyser
Times. All you need is to know computer wise is the basic functions in Excel and you need the 2007 version or later of Excel. If you are interested in 
helping please email me at wolveslax65 at comcast.net and I can get you going on one of the logs.

Will Boekel
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