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Mon Oct 31 18:34:11 PDT 2011

On a quiet October day, we could hear the Clepsydra Steam Phase from the  
other side of the outhouses.  I would not be surprised if it could be heard  
from the south intersection of the parking lot and beyond some.  Having the  
Paint Pots, being a must see at work for the past twenty years, I can say I 
have  seen about 20 to 25 steam phases, from most point of the boardwalk.  
I have  also noticed the steam phase in October and winter months, which do 
not have the  traffic noise, the steam phase is much louder, possibly twice 
as loud, when  there is a high wind.
I heard the Ledge steam phase from the former bus parking in the Norris  
Parking lot I believe it was in '3 or '94 some where in there.  There was  
quite a bit of summer traffic noise if I recall correctly.  
What about the pre-steam phase of Oblique/ Avalanche Geyser (I don't want  
to get into which name is correct), but that can be heard from at least 1/2 
mile  away, maybe further.  
If I catch a steam phase this winter I will try to see how far away I can  
hear it from.
Also Beehive I have heard from the Snowlodge in the winter time, this was  
in the evening, with no traffic and wind gusts up to 30 mph.
Jim Holstein
Yellowstone Tour Guides 
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