[Geysers] Closing week report, 2011 Biscuit and Black Sand

Stephen Eide stepheneide at cableone.net
Sat Nov 12 13:00:20 PST 2011

Greetings and Salutations,

Due to the storm related road closings and bad planning on my part I did
not get to West Thumb or Norris.  Thanks MA for the Vixen report.  And with
the Firehole loop closed early in closing week I have nothing to add to
last week's posts.

In Biscuit Basin Jewel continues to have slightly longer intervals of 9-10
minutes (this started before Black Diamond had it eruptive period) and it
appears to me the eruptions are slightly higher and have a longer
duration.  For some reason I had a hard time catching intervals on East
Mustard but the two I did catch were 8 and 10 minutes with a duration of 3
minutes.  Coral Geyser and Black Pearl continue to boil in their vents but
no water makes it to the surface.  Avoca Spring is active, mostly a
constant boiling that rises to be a foot to even six feet above ground
level about once a minute.  Shell was active during the week.  I also saw
North Geyser several times but did not watch for any of the other geysers
in that area.  Nothing was seen from the Silver Globe group.  Sapphire pool
was clear and overflowed normally.  No change was seen in Sapphire's
activity when Black Diamond was erupting however I do not know if Bill
Warnock checked it just after Black Diamond erupted.  Rusty is erupting as
normal.  As mentioned earlier the Pepper vent of Salt and Pepper is barely
erupting to a few inches and the Salt vent appears to be perpetual but
stronger and higher.  The vents below Salt and Pepper at the edge of the
river just steam and splash a inch or two high.  With higher river levels I
suspect they will be underwater.  There are also a few steaming vents above
Salt and Pepper in the runoff channel from Black Diamond to Salt and

In the Black Sand basin Black Sand was acting just like it has for the last
couple of months.  Cliff Geyser was active as was Spouter Geyser.  Sunlight
Geyser only splashes a foot high now and then.  Ragged and Jagged were
active but only a few feet high.  The perpetual spouter a little farther on
the boardwalk from Ragged and Jagged is still active and splashing a foot
high.  Green Spring appears to be quiet when i visited, it had not washed
the snow from the splash zone around the pool and the snow was several days
old.  The small vent BSB-2 was just lightly steaming.  The runoff channel
still had snow in it from a couple of days ago.  Cinnamon Spouter is active
a a perpetual spouter as usual.  Handkerchief Geyser was quiet but BSB-5
did erupt and Handkerchief pool splashed a few inches high.  The spouters
under the boardwalk by Rainbow Pool were weaker this summer but are back
now to their usual activity.  No eruptions (sigh) from Rainbow Pool or
Sunset Lake.  The little spring to the east of the boardwalk going out to
Emerald (Whitesand?) is still active bubbling with overflow.  Emerald
Spring is a greenish-brown.  Whistle Geyser had no overflow and only weak

A bit more later, I must share the computer for now

Stephen E.
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