[Geysers] November 2, 2011

Stephen Eide stepheneide at cableone.net
Wed Nov 2 19:53:36 PDT 2011

Greetings and Salutations,

Well, last night in the park there were no clouds at night, so the temp
dropped down to negative numbers.  It is cold.  For the day there were no
clouds but it took a few hours for the sun to burn off the fog to warm up
the area.  At 0900 the temp was just 8, but I think it finally warmed up to
about freezing.  Not bad until the wind starts to blow.

First, no Fan and Mortar.  Frump.

I checked Black Diamond this morning and Salt and Pepper was white again,
it had washed out all the dark sand.  And there was no new debre on the
boardwalk that I could see.  I cleaned off part ot the handrails where the
most debre dropped in the hope it would tell me if there was another
eruption.  The pool was in overflow.  I checked back several times during
the day and always found the pool in overflow, no new debre, and Salt and
Pepper were white so I think (but can;t promise) there was no eruption of
Black Diamond overnight or during the day today.

Daisy had intervals of about two hours fifty minutes.  Only one Riverside
was seen at 1120 ns which give an average interval for the last three
eruptions of six hours fifteen minutes.  Grand erupted only once in
daylight at 1603, a G1C.  West Triplet continues to overflow
intermittantly, it didn't even erupt during Grand's eruption.  Bulger had
minors and a couple of majors during the day.  However I never saw even
water in Bulger's hole.  The snow around the hole shows there have been no
eruptionf for the last two days.  There were three consecutive Tardy cycles
today but no Penta or Churn were seen.

There were a few Plumes and Aurums but no closed intervals (I think).  I
did not see Beehive but I guess it did show up for the webcam, (I think
about 1635??)

Fountain appears to have dropped below six hours.  I forgot to mention
Bearclaw is now erupting above ground to an inch or two with intervals of
15-19 minutes.

Back to the cold tomorrow,

Stephen Eide
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