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Tue Nov 1 09:43:21 PDT 2011


During one April 1994 eruption of Dark Cavern, I met visitors that had
heard the steam phase from Green Dragon Spring and were intrigued enough
to search for the source of the noise.  

As for Ledge, I do not remember it being as loud as Dark Cavern.  It was
easily audible from the parking lot (very depressing after a 7 hour
drive, but audible.)  I missed the early 1994 eruptions that were
reportedly stronger than the later eruptions that I saw and heard.
Don't get me wrong, the later eruptions were very impressive, too.


On Mon, 2011-10-31 at 18:48 -0600, JEFFREY CROSS wrote:
> In assembling a list of geysers that have loud steam phases, I have wondered how far the sound of the steam phase carries.
> Previous posts on this list, together with literature sources, indicate that Steamboat is plainly audible at the Norris Campground (1.2 miles away), and that Giantess has been plainly audible at Riverside Geyser (0.9 miles away).  Similar figures can be obtained for other geysers.  However, I cannot find data for the following geysers:
> Bijou
> Catfish
> Atomizer
> Fantail
> Whistle
> Clepsydra (back vent)
> Ledge
> Dark Cavern
> Africa
> Union
> I ask if anyone has data, or can remember, how far away the steam phase of any one or several of the above geysers should be plainly audible?
> Thank you,
> Jeff Cross
> jeff.cross at utah.edu
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