[Geysers] Grotto shenanigans, and a researcher question

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Based on some miscellaneous reports plus a couple of observations of my  
own, Lone Star has introduced some variability in its play. I still think that 
 the long-run average is close to 3 hours. But do look at a certain book, 
wherein  I note anything from just one to at least three minors prior to the 
major. (I  took it out of the current edition because of more apparent 
variability, but  back in 1982, the average of over 100 intervals taken from the 
on-site logbook  was 2 hours, 59 minutes, 48 seconds. Pretty close to 3 
Scott Bryan
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I witnessed an eruption of Lonestar this summer whose  exact start time was 
questionable - here is why.  

According to the previous two entries, the geyser played on almost  perfect 
3-hour intervals.  At about the 2:00 mark since the last  eruption, we 
began to see minors.  At about 2:45 a strong apparent  minor began that quickly 
and apparently turned into a major.  Did  we see a minor and a major 
piggybacked?  Only a major that started  early?  Are the majors and minors really 
independent play or do  they influence each other?  It was getting late in 
the day and we  did not stay to see the subsequent eruption to check the 
interval  again.

I would bet this is not an isolated incident; and more like this,  
depending on the dynamics of the geyser, could create some changes from  time to 

Bruce Jensen,
California,  USA

"[Yellowstone] is a fabulous country, the  only fabulous country; it is the 
one place where miracles not only  happen, but where they happen all the 
time." ~ Thomas Wolfe

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 Yesterday 2/18 I saw South Grotto Fountain at 0958 i.e. and  
post-marker-placement at 1022 i.e., and a visitor saw it still  erupting at 1215 i.e.  
Grotto finally started near 1219  i.e.   

This morning 2/19  Grotto was i.e.  at 0933, Old Tardy and West Triplet at 
0915 i.e., Pyramid at 0958  i.e., Oblong at 1003 i.e., and Daisy at 1008.

A guide  just saw Aurum at 1348.

The question is about Lone  Star.  The plaque on the wooden platform where 
the notebook is  says that Lone Star has had a 3 hour interval since 1872.  
Does  that statement come from a reliable source?  Geysers of  Yellowstone 
doesn't go quite so far...  We've also noticed last  summer, and to the 
extent we know this winter, that Lone Star  sometimes jumps around an hour or two 
one day to the next.  Lots  of minors perhaps?  Anyway, thanks!

Carolyn  Loren

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