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TSBryan at aol.com TSBryan at aol.com
Wed Feb 9 07:04:18 PST 2011

Thanks very much for the link. Neat photos. I have been aware of Dallol for 
 many years and have wondered if a "real" geyser could exist there. Still 
don't  know, of course. Boiling springs have been described for many decades, 
so it's  certainly possible. Anyhow, thanks again.
Scott Bryan
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mwjohnson at lanl.gov writes:

I  suspect I’m not the only geyser gazer on Arizona State University’s 
VOLCANO  mailing list, so this may be old news to many of us, but probably not 
to  all.  The images of “geysers” are almost at the bottom of the cited web 
 page.  (Notice the one that’s canary yellow.)  I have no opinion as  to 
whether these things constitute real “geysers” or not, but either way,  they’
re plenty interesting. 


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