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Karen Webb caros at xmission.com
Sat Dec 24 21:34:14 PST 2011

Listened to the Russian Dance from Nutcracker one more time and OOPS, if 
you want to call it an AB scheme musically (main theme, bridge, main 
theme) I had a few A's where B's should have been and vice versa and the 
wrong number of both here and there. There are a zillion copies of this 
on YouTube (you can probably get the whole ballet if you're willing to 
poke around a bit. Anyway, thanks to Steve for his kind support and for 
making it clear other fledgling carol writers (or at least me) aren't 
infringing on his turf. But his carols are always just so darned funny! 
The Baha'is have a filk like this for our period of fasting (sunrise to 
sunset for 19 days, and they always fall around the spring equinox so 
it's not as severe as Ramadan if it falls during the summer, but of 
course when Ramadan falls around now, the Muslims do get off a little 
easier). Anyway, the line everyone remembers is the end of the verse 
(tune is "Yesterday" by the Beatles): "Oh, my last lunch was yesterday..."

Word of warning: the Trepak is pretty fast. I found a copy on YouTube 
and sang with it, but most versions I found were pretty brisk. Anyone 
wanna try the 1812 Overture for next year?
Karen Webb

ARTEMESIA CAROL (tune of Russian Dance/Trepak from Nutcracker)

Go, Artemesia, go, go, go
I'm sitting in a pile of snow
But you just sit there overflowing.

All summer long we played this game
By now it's getting really lame
Why can't you show some signs of life?

You cannot doubt my loyalty
At night I shelter 'neath a tree
So I can hear those steam thumps starting

I've missed so many other things
Like Giantess and elks with wings
And 20,000 Fan and Mortars.


I've tried to learn so many signs that tell me
The flood's becoming imminent (or so they say).
Italy's full and my field glasses tell me
The pool is cycling half an inch.

So... I'm gonna watch the bubbles now
They figure in, I don't know how.
And all they do is mesmerize us,

But here I'm staying anyway
I'll wait until I'm old and grey
You've overflowed for 30 hours
Critters come, they've caught my scent
I can't just tell them "Go get bent."
A bison's here, his tail way up
He paws the ground as two bears sup
On my food; now a moose is here,
The moonlight shows raised hackles clear
But then
At last
The steam bumps and the flood appear (HEY!)

I had an alternative ending for the "Erupt" part that was "Erupt, 
erupt,  or else I'll  jump into the pool and end it all" but wondered if 
it was in dubious taste. Although I admit I've felt this way after a 
long, fruitless sit.

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