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Kudos to Bill Johnson for a great geyser carol! 

Steve Gryc 

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Would Steve be hopelessly offended if I took a crack at this too? 

(To the tune of “Good King Wenceslas”) 

Tara, Kitt and T.S.B. 

Sat at Beehive, hoping 

Indicators soon to see; 

Lacking one, they’re moping. 

Then across on Channel 4 

Came tidings so surprising 

That it made their spirits soar: 

“Mastiff’s water’s rising!” 

Geyser gazers near and far 

Too numerous to mention 

Ran to Upper Basin’s star 

With their full attention 

Focused on good things to come: 

Mastiff, Bijou, Feather 

All behaving, bringing some 

Gazing friends together. 

But alas, it didn’t go; 

Giant still lay sleeping. 

Gazers’ faces filled with woe; 

Some were even weeping. 

But as the excitement died, 

With Feather growing shorter, 

More ecstatic gazers cried, 

“Look! There’s Fan and Mortar…” 

So, our moral’s plain to see 

As we face the New Year: 

Long years after you and me, 

Geysers still will be here. 

Yellowstone, we love you too 

For the joys you give us. 

Happy Holidays to you 

And a Merry Christmas! 

-- Bill Johnson, with thanks to all of the above, and many more who've made this relative newbie to geyser gazing feel welcome. 

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